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Types of Social Networks to Market the Game?

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Communities, forums, Q&A services are one of the first types of social media. To modern representatives of this species include Quora, Reddit and Digg. At the heart of the mechanics of interaction between users is the need for knowledge sharing.
Social networks for collective discussions (Discussion forums) best for selling products using voucher code or coupon code revglue(.)com
TripAdvisor is a social network for travelers. Here, users can find reviews, routes, travel reports and hotel recommendations.
Yelp is one of the most popular social networks for posting reviews and ratings on the US market.
Uber is a social network for drivers and passengers. Private travel crowdsourcing has become a steady trend with Uber.
Foursquare is a geolocation social network that enables users to check in at institutions and leave reviews.

You need to do your best to earn the trust of your audience, receive positive feedback and eliminate the causes of negative ones.

Such social media is a huge knowledge base that helps users collect all the necessary information to make a purchase decision.

what are the types of social networks

The foreign networks of Yelp and Urbanspoon are based on geolocation and the ability to leave comments and recommendations about local business. Airbnb and Uber focus on traveler and private carrier reviews of accommodations.
Social networks for reviews and reviews (Online reviews)

500px is a popular community among photographers from around the world.
Twitch is a video streaming platform for gamers.
Snapchat is a social network based on a mobile application. Here, communication takes place through a photo chat, where messages are stored for no more than 24 hours.
Vimeo - video hosting with high-quality video content.
Flickr is another popular visual network.
Instagram - from a photo app mutated into a social network.
Youtube is the most popular video hosting service in the world by Google.

A distinctive feature is also the scaling of content: some offer to publish short videos, others give you the opportunity to create your own video channel.

The very principle of disseminating information and native features, for example, filters on Instagram, give such social media marketing redleos(.com an advantage over multifunctional brothers.

Types and functions of social networks

This type of social media gives users ample opportunities for sharing video and photo content. These include Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Snapchat.
Social networks for sharing media content (Media sharing networks)

Loveplanet - a portal for dating the largest database of profiles in the CIS.
OkCupid is a popular social network for dating in the West.
Xing is the second most popular business contact network.
Myspace is once one of the most popular social networks in the USA.
LinkedIn is the most famous network of business contacts. SEO points of interest are also interesting - read a short life hack on how to increase a site in search results using Linkedin .
Ello - Hipsters created their Facebook without ads, and unfortunately repeated the “success” of Google+.
Muut - You can create a micro-community for friends, family members, or work colleagues.
Tsu is a social network where users can earn money on author’s content.
VK is the most popular social network in the post-Soviet space.
Google Plus is not the most successful project of Google Corporation. It differs from the others in the ability to categorize subscribers (circles). Another interesting feature is the ability to promote posts from Google+ to Adwords .
Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with huge business opportunities .

This type of social media is of most interest to business. Today, a brand page on Twitter or Facebook is a generally accepted standard.

● Ratings (dating sites)

● Professional networks

● Personal contact networks

Conventionally, it is possible to divide the network of relationships into the following categories:

This social media format was one of the first to offer users to create a free personal mini-site, which later became known as a profile. Relationship networks try to offer users the maximum of opportunities within one platform.

types of social networks on the Internet

These are the most common and demanded social media today. These include Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Linkedin. And although this type of social media did not appear first, it became decisive for the entire industry.
Social networks for communication (Relationship networks)

To help you understand the different variations of social media, we described the capabilities of various platforms and grouped them according to the basic functionality.
Today it’s no longer necessary to write how important it is for business to be present on social media: to find new customers, increase the loyalty of existing ones, become an industry expert who is listened to and trusted - all this can be achieved by choosing the right promotion strategy on social networks .
Types of Social Networks to Market the Game?