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We'll run in-game events which are focused RuneScape gold

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We have done numerous things. We'll run in-game events which are focused RuneScape gold around psychological health, twice a year, and 100% of the funds from people will visit our mental health charities. We have characters in game that represent three of our charity partners as I mentioned earlier, and runescape players can interact together. There is essentially a question-and-answer with some info and details around mental health, and then further links for people to possibly have the ability to get assistance and assistance. Additionally, we have used our social networking team to push profiles of these charities, again using the information and links if people want to get assist.

1 thing, if I could. At our enthusiast event, RuneFest, which is held once a year and we have roughly 1,500 runescape players that come to experience a real life fantasy of RuneScape, we've got our charities there. We had a room at which our runescape players talk and may return to mental health professionals, if they want to. Surely, but you are not a part of creating this issue? You think you are part of this solution for this? No, I do not believe we are a part of creating that problem. If you are speaking about a million runescape players at RuneScape, that is representative of society. You can't get away from that. You will find a range of possibly and positives negatives in the minority that those folks will experience.

Another thing I would like to challenge on this is there are positive elements to gameplay. There are important positive aspects to gameplay, while that is interpersonal skills, while it's improved cognitive behaviour, whether that is people learning how markets work because we've got a very real virtual economy in RuneScape, and so on. All of those things are precious life lessons. The simple fact that people follow and may set themselves goals concerning accomplishments pathways on this inside RuneScape, those are life lessons that are valuable that are key. All of us as project managers in our job need to be in a position to do that and manage to it. RuneScape does provide our runescape players elements of that, and they comment on it openly and fairly publicly.