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Proper jungle tracking feels SO MUCH more rewarding

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Jungle tracking has always been a strength of mine, but aside from pinging your teammates to back off, there wasn't too much you could do with it in season 9. But now it feels so much better. Being able to sneak dragon at level 4 because you know the enemy is top side just feels so satisfying. Same thing with counter-jungling - it actually has an impact without the catch up xp. Decisions matter now, and a failed gank is PUNISHING.
Jungling just feels like an actual strategy-focused position again instead of just get level 3, gank gank gank, clear, gank gank gank. It's actually a mind game again where you can capitalize on the enemy jungler's overagression/missteps etc. Jungle was practically devoid of being punished in s9 with the rubberbanding xp. I'm loving the preseason so far.


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