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League hasn't released a tank champion since 2017

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Ever since Ornn, we've had 8 new champions (I get there were reworks but they kept their general role for the most part), and none of them have been a tank. Some of them have fit top partially (like sylas and on hit neeko), but none have been tanks. Neeko, Sylas, and Qiyana have different playstyles but they are most often squishy midlane/jungle champs. Zoe is mostly mid, and the rest have been botlane with kaisa, pyke, yuumi, and senna. The unifying thing about almost all these champions (with the exception of yuumi) is that they have kits around damage. Its been a while since a champ all about tankiness, ratios around max health etc. has been released, and even the latest champion announced as Aphelios has been labelled a marksman. Therefore, I hope Riot's next champion emphasizes a tanky kind of playstyle because it's been a really long time since that has happened.