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Long gone player looking to return.

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I haven't played since before warrior awakening. Reinstalled, logged on to see where Im at. Warrior, sorc, witch lvl 55, all 80%ish to 56. Guess I got bored waiting. 53 ranger who had become my afk Fisher/all around life skiller and 50 ninja, one open slot. All garbage gear 15 grunil, most 15 liverto and sidearm. Warrior has pri Liv.
Bank is full of mats, 300mil silver, couple hundred wep and armor black stones 100ish men frags. Basically got pulled back with the ocean stuff, but from all I've read it looks to be a chore to get a real boat going. God knows what my worker empire was doing. What's the general state of the game and where should I start. Half tempted to just start a new char to get a feel for the game again and the other half thinks I should just pick up one of my 55's and dive in.
All input is appreciated.

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