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Closing Thoughts on 2019 WCG

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Thoughts about the comeback of the Olympiad of Esports...

It has been over 6 years since the hiatus of one of the most anticipated events of Esports, the tournament that was most awaited for, and much more. Back then, the World Cyber Games was that thing.

With the return of the Olympic of Esports in a time where the world has shifted its eyes towards the growing and rich community of gaming with YouTube giants like Pewdiepie, CEO billionaires like Elon Musk, and Twitch Streamer Ninja making headlines and making what used to be "nerds" or "geeks" as instant rockstars once they make it big in the gaming industry; was it the best time for a return?

Personally, just having the Olympic type of Esports back was nostalgic and I just had to follow it to the end.

Was it perfect? No. Was it good? Yes.

I personally loved how they involved Mobile Esports in their games such as Clash Royale and Honor of Kings, and it was refreshing to see some robot fighting, VR battle, and even an AI exclusive tournament! It felt right, and the Cosplay and Music Festival was just spot on~ 

They even brought back legends like Moon!

And the games were still good, with some issues here and there, but nothing that can destroy the whole experience altogether. 

By the end of their closing ceremony, they feature this image on their large screen for all to see.

If I can be an advocate of the next games, I would like to have these games for their official games...

1. Tekken Tournament - And I want arcades in rows where they pit together hundreds of players with elimination and let those who won climb to the top for a final battle on stage. It'll be the best of 3 different games, kinda like how sports is! So they get to pick 3 fighters, and change strategies.

2. Overwatch - Among all the Battle Royales, this is still the best one for me. I imagine it with asking the voice actors for guests!

3. Mobile Legends - It might be a SEA thing, but it's still fun and I would love to see Alodia be in the games and not just a guest (lol).

4. DOTA 2 - Yes, definitely. They should have this one back.

5. More Robot Fighting!

6. Magic The Gathering.

7. CSGO.

I have more... but that will take forever.

What do you guys want to see in the next WCG??? And why do you think that is?


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    level 10 titanraven


    I think everything went well until the Black dragon fan base were bashing wcg for the crossfire issue -_-

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      True, but they've been through much more once upon a time when Esports was not even a thing, so I think WCG will be just fine. Not the worst thing that happened to them tbh :P

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    level 9 Clifford_James


    I'm glad that they assured the fans that they'll be having their comeback on 2020 :) I want to see more known games in the future like League, CS:GO, Fortnite, etc. so that the new generation will be able to dig the legendary WCG.

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      CSGO, definitely. But as for the new-gen, I believe it's best to introduce them to different games instead. WCG is best known for picking official games that are best for the competition genre.

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    level 5 GamerDes


    I like to see more robot fighting as well because it's revolutionary and futuristic :)

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      Agreed. if there is something really out there that WCG did this year, it's the innovative New Horizons section.

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    level 13 nelmar23


    I want to see their VR Competition and Robot Fighting coz' this will be a nice new event in an Esport Competition.

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      Yes, definitely! It was fun to watch too~ so I think WCG is on to something when they had those games this year.

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    level 13 yoshikoh


    I hope they will include mobile legend as an official game in 2020. :)

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      YES! If there is a new game that I believe will do well in WCG, it's ML.

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    level 1 martin_edward


    I like to see more robot fighting as well .

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