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Alodia and Liui (Cosplay Gods)

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Alodia and Liui just went to Xi'an China this morning! I really love these two so I was really happy to hear that they are doing another cosplay collab~ <3

I'm guessing they'll do ML Layla and Alucard based from their past posts.

But gawds they are just so adorable! And I can't wait to watch them in WCG Finals as Cosplay Special Guests.


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    level 13 yoshikoh


    I didn't see Alodia Gosiengfiao in the lineup of WCG cosplay event. I guess She will be one of the judges?

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      level 12 nelmar23


      I think she will be one of the Judges or she will be their MC's. Think of it, Alodia participates in this event. It will be unfair for the other participants.

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      level 8 Rei_Ka


      She'll be judging alongside Liui ^^

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    level 1 kase


    Yes she will be one of the judges, and that would be great.

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      I just saw an article about her interview in the panel of WCG and I was beyond the moon! She looks absolutely stunning~ and despite everything that happened to her in the event, she persevered <3

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