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Jeffrey Sutorius will be Attending WCG's Cosplay Music Festival

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The 38 year old DJ has been reportedly coming to perform in WCG's Cosplay Music Festival by WCG.  Many other great Musicians like Tsunano and Chace  will tag along with him in the event. The Music Festival will take place in Xi'an China where WCG 2019 Grand Finals will be held.

Source > https://web.facebook.com/DiscoverWCG/

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    level 9 nelmar23


    Jeffrey Sutorious mixes were so LIT. I like his recent performance in Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019 and all of his mixes in that event give me chills. I like him so much and he is a very energetic, talented DJ.

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      level 11 yoshikoh


      Did I hear Jeffrey Sutorious also known as dash berlin? it is true?

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      level 11 nelmar23


      I've read an article about "Dash Berlin" and they were a group and Jeffrey Suturious left the group on June 2018 and rejoined again at Dash Berlin this June 2019 but his groupmates retired to pursue their musical projects. So I think he will gonna use "Dash Berlin" as his nickname now.

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      level 12 yoshikoh

      @nelmar23 Cool, thanks for your info, I think this is gonna be en exciting event. :D
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    level 8 titanraven

    WCG is having a Cosplay music fest???! Awesome! Where can we buy tickets for the festival tho?

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    level 3 GamerDes

    I like Jeffrey! I hope he'll play his song Waiting there :D 'cos I'm waiting

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    level 1 martino_ermando

    Awesome! Where can we buy tickets for the festival tho?

    https://testmyspeed.onl/ https://scrabblewordfinder.vip/ https://solitaire.onl/

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