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WCG introduces "WCG Robot Fighting Championship: Ganker Arena" with GJS

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WCG announced that as part of their New Horizons conference they will be hosting a robot fighting tournament. They had announced previously they will be having an AI Soccer tournament as well. This is exciting news as they are truly giving a chance for many innovators and inventors.

From the website:

World Cyber Games(WCG) is proud to announce that GJS ROBOT(GJS), the industry leader in battle robots, has become the partner of WCG 2019 Xi'an’s robot competitive gaming in New Horizons sector.

New Horizons is a new sector in WCG that presents future sports based on new tech. In WCG 2019 Xi’an, WCG will present ‘WCG Robot Fighting Championship: Ganker Arena’ in partnership with GJS.

The preliminary schedule will be announced shortly.

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    level 4 paolovee


    I hope this is as brutal as it sounds. I wanna see trailer videos or previews. Is the AI soccer match something we can even watch as well? Or is it gonna be a lot of code we cant understand? xD Are these gonna be tiny bots or real steel hugh jackman. So many questions.

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      level 3 geraldinofrivia


      I don't think we're far enough into the future for Real Steel or anything like love death and robots. But robot building aint no easy feat. I tried doing it in college and it was the hardest class. WCG is really gonna put on a great show with all these games and conventions.

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    level 6 HanaSong

    I could already imagine huge mechs fighting against each other just like in Real Steel. I wonder how the players would be able to control their robots in this competition? Are they going to strap themselves with controllers and command their robot as they move? Well, with that technology, the next thing you know is that we'll be fighting inside mech suits.

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    level 2 yoshikoh

    I'm curious about this tournament, I think we're gonna witness some robot smashing.

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    level 1 titanraven

    WCG Robot Fight!!?? I wanna watch this so bad!! I've watched how I met your mother for like 3 times and I can say, I am a huge fan of Robots VS Wrestlers hahaha~! But in this case, I know it will be Robots VS Robots! I wanna go to Xi'an China to watch this brawl!

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