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The Division 2

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Division 2 Boosting

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BoostingLooks like a fantastic expansion but this is a looter shooter and the core is obtaining cool weapons that are unique and looking badass the division is your worst looter shot out there compared to destiny anthem warframe or even borderlands cause here you use real life firearms nothing mad unique about it that you just seem like a typical human you do not look awesome and you never will just like The branch 1 a participant who just started the match with with 0 play time seems the specific same and uses the same guns as someone who immobilized 800 hours into the game not to mention the branch has zero intriguing lore what so ever it's just another game in the US that a real-world city meanwhile games out there have you ever kill God's journey through ancient worlds defeat 200 foot tall titans ( which is coming from a place of Love I've personally logged 600 hours at the division ).

Ray Jo Man, you just repeated the exact same thing you mentioned before. This match REVOLVES around the concept of a tactical cover to insure looter/shooter. It matters how you play it. You may play with it with friends, or grind it to get things, or simply to goof around with fun non-meta builds. You can even enter the dark zone to switch the game. There's rogues, harder opponents, but it gives you better loot and it is riskier. For example, Fortnite also revolves around the idea of a battle royals kind game that lets you build. That is the base. Save the World is revolved around a looter/shooter also except you can build and shield objectives. These are BASES of games.

Ok, allow me to ask you a question. And then somebody else came up to you and said,"Hey, I played a later version, the Alpha, closer to launch, and it's actually pretty great." Who'd you believe has a better indication of whether the final build will probably be good? No one said his opinion was incorrect. A scripted demonstration, in  which you can't explore the entire town and experience some of those other things the game offers certainly sounds pretty terrible. Now, imagine being able to explore the town, a number of the copious actions in the sport... sounds cool, doesn't it?


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