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There’s a so called biggest game event in Taiwan.....?

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The weather today is good!!!!

Day off from my business trip, Taiwan is so crowded with gamers, the entrance fee to the show is 6.66$.

Spent lots of time to get to RE2 and SEKIRO, SEKIRO is awsome but much like Tenchu. Bloodborne is my all time favorite of soft from after all, wonder if there will be a sequel anytime soon.

Big cut in PS4, PS5 is probably coming out. Won’t be a problem to me since I bought NS last year already, tons of games I haven’t play. Too many japanese style games and mobile games.

Too crowded I don’t have the time to shoot well.

SEKIRO is aaaaaaawesome!!!!

Also this detective game with Kimura Takuya…… hasn’t it been out for quite a while............?

So like always, walk around and get lots of gifts!


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