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How To Get the Filter in Path of Exile 3.2.0?

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Just for the top 3 bases. All lower ones should only be used when leveling and they all drop with sound. I'll definitely make updates later on, as we get to understand the league's mechanics.

I suspect that the challenge league content will be a waste of time when leveling. Then again I could be wrong. And there could very well be mistakes in the code or bugs from GGG's part. There's just too many unknown variables at this point. The auto update script may come handy here. But if anything goes bad on launch I'll fix the filter before I start to play

Ready for the hunt?
Bumped to 3.2.0+ for a small fix for a potential bug.
Please note that the filter version 3.2.0 will not work prior the actual game patch! If anything goes wrong you can expect swift fixes.

Get the filter.
This version adds support for all PoE items in 3.2.0 and some other minor improvements. Balance changes are to be expected.

A few days ago I released a full Reference manual. Use it when you need more information about the script.

The auto update script; FilterNova is still a thing. It can maintain multiple filters, as well as multiple versions and customization options.

Last league I started streaming on Twitch. I will be doing that non regularly, just for fun... Feel free to stop by and have a peek.

This is not exactly new, but the filter recently gained an option to change the background of your racing weapons. This can be of help to easily distinguish your next weapon upgrade in a race. A medium dark grey color seems optimal, but any color can be used.


Added Bestiary and other 3.2 Path of Exile items (including "Elder Orb"). The drop sounds and visuals may be subject to change.

Added a complete filter overview PDF document to the repository. Reference Manual
Added "The Obscured", "The Iron Bard", "The Breach", "The Dreamer" and "The World Eater" to the list of good Divination cards.

Reverted the bad rare item list to no longer only affect items with item level lower than 84.

Adjusted the Prismatic Jewel highlighting and some other minor fixes.

Moved "Orb of Alteration" and "Jeweller's Orb" to "Low currency".

Added sound for normal and magic RGB items in the leveling filter.


Color and sound themes are available on Filterblast.
Fully customizable.


Good rare corrupted PoE items are visible, but the magic Warbands items are hidden!

More details on the official forum thread, or head over to Filterblast or Github and grab a copy.

The general presets are safe to use, but I strongly recommend customizing the script with Filterblast. Feedback is encouraged. It helps me make a better filter for us all.


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