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A Discussion of Path of Exile Microtransactions

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To a certain extent, PoE needs microtransactions to exist. Because it is a free-to-play game, PoE’s developers do not have a steady stream of subscription income to rely on for producing content and implementing patches. Instead, microtransactions keep the lights on at Grinding Gear Games, while players enjoy one free content expansion after another.

Examples of Microtransactions in PoE

Account Features: this category includes quality of life options such as additional stash tabs, stash tab customization options, and additional character slots.

Alternate Skill Effects: this purchases simply reskins existing spell effects so you can make your frostbolts look like black holes, or turn your raised zombies into mummies.
Character Effects: this category includes cool aura effects that surround your character, as well as impressive portal customizations.

Item Effects: these allow you to really add a personal touch to your character by providing various glow effects to your weapons; allowing you to attach horns, halos, and glowing eyes to your headgear; making your boots leave various footprint effects; and providing a host of back attachments such as capes, wings, and standards.

Item Skins: like many other games, PoE gives players the options to purchase reskins for in-game armor and weapons. This is a nice option for players who aren’t necessarily fond of the look of some of the best items in the game because it allows them to make their gear look as cool and unique as they like without having any effect on its stats.

Hideout Decorations: there’s supposed to be no place like home, so make your hideout feel like your place and nobody else’s by adding special ambient effects, thrones, and other furnishings.

Pets: it gets lonely being an exile, so in PoE you’re given the option to choose from a huge selection of pets. There are plenty of familiar members of the animal kingdom to bring with you on your travels, as well as some more exotic and mythological creatures. All of the pets are strictly non-combat so they won’t be helping you clear enemies, but they can provide some welcome companionship.

Animation: this category provides a bit of levity to the grim-darkness of Wraeclast. If killing and being killed has got you down, relieve some tension with a bit of dancing or a fireworks display, because… why not?

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