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Do you guys know this game?

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There is a great quality mobile game called Mobius Final Fantasy.
This game made by Squear Enix.
I'm Korean Player and I really love Final Fantasy Series.
If you are a fan of FF, Perhaps you love this game.

They usually Collaboration with another FF Series, kind of FFVII, FFXIII, FFXV.
And now, a collaboration with FFX is being held.
Just Play Tidus's another original story! (I think this story probably after FFX ending)

KR Version (Google Play Store)
KR Version (Apple App Store)

NE Version (Google Play Store)

NE Version (Apple App Store)

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Comments :7

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    level 1 eyas

    Starting only the game, I chose to go through the initiation to quietly discover the mechanics of the game But here I am stuck at the initiation of the invocation of cards where it is impossible for me to choose a simple invocation ... I can not continue my discovery of the game ... too bad.


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    level 1 paulvilanoma

    Whoah what is this?

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    level 1 shiba28



    I know this game it's amazing!

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    level 5 HanaSong

    Looks promising!

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    level 1 Clifford_James

    I already have this on my phone! As a fan of FF franchise, I think it is a good game!

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    level 2 yoshikoh

    Awesome!! love the facial animation.
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