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What Bug Fixed in Xbox One Path of Exile 3.1.4 ?

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As we are the best location online to poe currency buy, we also like to keep a close eye on what is happening in the world of Path of Exile. Here’s all the big fixes and general quality of life improvements the recently released patch for Path of Exile includes.

You can now toggle "Show Online" on the Trade Board to show items from players who are online in your current league. It will not display items listed by players who are online but in a different league (such as Abyss while you are in Standard).

You can now filter Items in your Stash by entering text in the search box.

Added support for the Map Stash Tab. This Stash Tab is not on sale yet, but will be soon.

Grouped Map Fragments of the same sets together on the Trade Board's item search (previously some of the Fragments were not listed with the rest of their group).

Slightly increased the size of Ahn's Might.

Fixed a bug causing Mirage Archer to be able to Taunt enemies.

Fixed a bug causing "increased Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield" to have no effect if Vaal Pact was allocated.

Fixed a bug causing the Ralakesh's Impatience unique item and the "Gain an Endurance, Frenzy or Power charge when you Block" mod to sometimes fail to generate a charge, or to generate a Spirit Charge when you had the Lightpoacher unique item equipped.

Fixed a bug causing Arcane Surge to not apply its buff the first time it activated in an instance.

Fixed a bug where you could be placed in the boss room of the Fields Map after leaving the Abyssal Depths.

Fixed a bug where some Merciless Labyrinth enchantments for Bodyswap and Cremation were being granted by the Divine Font in the Eternal Labyrinth.

Fixed a bug where some Lava Chamber Map layouts had unconnected rooms, causing the Map to not be completable.

Fixed a bug where you could activate levers and cranks through walls, trivialising many Labyrinth trap rooms.

Fixed a bug where help text on stackable items would tell you to shift-click to unstack.

Fixed a bug where stacks of Map Fragments for trade on the Trade Board would appear as a single Fragment in the item image. 

More Path of Exile news, Grinding Gear Games has detailed a small glimpse of the upcoming league which is approximately titled “Beastiary League.” You can also stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can buy poe items cheap.


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