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How's the magic classes do against mystic now after her nerf?

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For example, witch, dk, etc.


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    level 1 Yullie



    KR players are still discussing on how the nerf is working for the Mystic. Some players are saying that they can clearly see that her dps is much lower, while others are saying that Mystic is still one of the top tier class. According to the players, simply decreasing the damage without chancing any skill mechanics won't do anything and damage should be nerfed more.

    Magic Classes (Witch, DK, etc.) still say that the Mystic is still very powerful. It's probably because only Mystic's PvP damage was nerfed and her defense against magic damage remain unchanged.

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      level 1 Queena_Jaleena


      Thanks Yullie, you're the best. :)

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