level 1 Milen_Genchev submitted about Jan 29, 2018


Memory fragments still N1 bottle neck in the KR version ?

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I wander, if we will ever manage to get the enchantment experience in the game any better ... 

Can someone screenshot the enhancement section of the market place in the KR version :) 


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    level 1 Yullie

    Memory Fragments are extremely hard to get in KR too :( The MP almost never has Mem frags. KR players have additional ways to get Memory Fragments (Black Spirit's Adventure and the coupon they give out on an official live stream every Wednesday) but you can only get a small amount of Mem frags so it's not much of a help.

    Below is a screenshot of KR Marketplace right now. As you can see, there are no Mem Frags available. When there are many people enhancing, there's nothing left in the MP except for some Weapon Black Stones.

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