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about the AP bonus when passing certain stage

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Greetings everyone !  I would like to ask some question as  title showed

 According to this earlier  patch note,people who has reached 251 AP will deal additional damage

And this one,characters with 271 or over AP will deal additional damage too.

My question is:

1.Which one got worked as intended in KR now ?

2.Did the first patch got abandoned? (only new one work after ofiicially adjustment) 

3.Will I get double enhancement by surpass the AP cap ?   (251~270 + 271~300) 


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    level 1 Yullie


    Hi :)

    In KR, both patches (more damage with 251 or more AP and more damage with 271 or more AP) are working right now. As of the Dec 21st update, characters with 251 or more AP will deal additional damage based on their AP and all characters with 269 or more AP will deal 7.2% more damage.

    And the Jan 4th update (additional damage for 271 or over AP characters) works on top of that. (i.e. the first patch did not get abandoned.)

    For example, if your character has 271 AP, then you deal 7.2% more damage as of the Dec 21st update. After the Jan 4th update, you can deal 1.5% more damage on top of the already increased damage.

    If your AP is 300, you can deal 7.2% more damage after the Dec 21st update and 34.3% more damage from that amount after the Jan 4th damage.

    Hope this helps :) Let me know if anything sounds confusing or if you have any other questions. Thank you!

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      level 1 Robert_Shen


      Thank you Yullie :))

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