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Korean class ranking/tier list

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Hello inven staff !

I know there is a balance/class thread on inven kr where people talk about classes and make ranking/tier list, for exemple there was this months ago :

"Recently, Korean Server got a new update with 2nd awakening skills(aka. Rabam) and Skill/Balance Patch.As far as right now, the following list of classes are OP tiers list in Korea.

1) Tamer, Maehwa (Great Buffed)

2) Warrior, Berserker, Musa, Valkyrie (Buffed)

3) Wizard, Witch, Kunoichi, Striker (Same or Slight Buffed)

4) Sorceress, Ranger, Ninja, Dark Knight (Same or Nerfed)

1. PVE

2. PVP

3. 2nd Awakenening skill Damage, Acc, and Mana/SP/Stam consumption

4. New balance skill patch5. 2nd Awakening/New balance skill Utility

Total scores of these 5 points decide the class tiers in KR server.

- From BDO Inven class/debate board."

Do you know how it is now ? did they change the tier list ? a new one ?

Thank you


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    level 1 Meii



    After the 2nd Awakening skills (aka Rabam) were added, new skills including the “Absolute” skills were added alongside other skill updates, but this hasn’t really changed what KR players feel about the class balance. So far, what players feel about classes is not much different on the KR and NA/EU server.

    If we were to summarize what KR players have been saying regarding the balance lately, it would be: the Wizard/Witch, etc at the top have been showing the best efficiency, while the Warrior or Musa has been having low efficiency.

    As for PvP, the Mystic has been dominant, and players have picked the Tamer as tier 1 as well. At the same time, KR players have been arguing about the Warrior’s efficiency in PvP (mainly regarding backward Super Armor when using Great Sword Defense and Solar Flare’s damage when using Black Spirit’s Rage at 100%).

    Hope this helped!!

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      level 1 steel116

      @Meii do you know how is berserker  doing after all New skills? for instance compared to rest top tier pvp classes? 
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      level 1 Queena_Jaleena


      Hi! How does KR feel about DK now with mystic and striker?

      Thank you for your time!

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      level 1 Meii


      Well, the Berserker’s Absolute or Rabam skills aren’t highly regarded by BDO KR players. Since the skills didn’t really improve the class like they have with other classes, the Berserker isn’t as favored, though there are some who say the skills have improved PvP. That improvement is due to the Berkerser’s overall skill stats being raised when the Absolute skills were added. This has made the Berserker able to dish out powerful combos with his grab skill. Additionally, the recently-added patch allows classes to deal even more damage once their AP stats go over 271, and if a Berserker has high AP, he would be like a walking bomb.

      The dominant opinion is that the Berserker is lacking in both PvE and PvP compared to the Mystic and Tamer, which are the top tier classes. When compared the classes aside from those two though, you could say Berserker isn’t considered too bad, especially in PvP.

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      level 1 Meii


      As for the Dark Knight, people still consider it a powerful choice against other classes, but many players agree that it’s weak against the Mystic or Striker. Since both tend to be powerful against magic damage and their DP itself is very great, they are considered the natural enemies of the Dark Knight, Wizard, and Witch. Since word has spread that the Mystic is so OP, the ratio of Mystics has increased in PvP, and many say the Dark Knight isn’t as good in comparison.

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      level 1 Queena_Jaleena


      Are they planning to buff Dark Knight any time soon?

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