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Many purutums for guild ?

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I looked a KR stream 3 days ago. On the stream, a KR guild kill again and again many purutums (and small towers). Is it a new guild activity ? I don't find information about this in a KR patch note translated on invenglobal.

A clip :

Thanks if you can help me to understand and thanks for this website :)


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    Hi :D

    There are two types of Puturum, weekly quest and guild raid. The Puturum in the clip that you gave me is a guild raid boss Puturum :)

    Guild boss Puturum can be summoned using a summon scroll which is obtainable via guild missions. If you save up the summon scrolls, you can summon more than one Puturums in a row. Guild boss Puturum will drop Ring of Crescent Guardian, Blue Awakening weapon box, Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Agility, and Soiled Crescent Ring. Guild boss Puturum was updated in KR on November 16th, 2017.

    Here’s the link for the translated patch notes:

    You can find the information under [Monsters]. Thank you!

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      Thank a lot !

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