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When will Witch ever get balanced?

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Pearl Abyss said they are having huge changes to balance every class so it will be ideal for PVP, however how balance can it be when some classes doesn't even have skills set / moves to counter other classes? 

I am very annoyed when witch class area cc like stun is being removed, that's one of the basic skills which allows witches to counter most close up combat. Witch doesn't have grab, doesn't have any counter to block, with classes that counters magic skills as well as delays in between weapon switching and slow movements with long teleport cool downs, how is it fair when compared to any other classes out there when you can't even hold your spot in grinding when someone comes to pk 1v1.

Other than removing and nerfing cc of witch, most of the patches did for witch are always fixing problems they made, and witch have always been a class that have been neglected in most updates, no buffs only nerfs so far.

I sincerely hope pearl abyss can be more fair in working to rebalance all classes, and not being bias to only buffing those few popular classes which everyone plays just because they are way stronger with much more skills and cc packed in their arsenal.