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Pearl Abyss please balance Valkyrie

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Pearl Abyss please balance Valkyrie 
Valkyrie need movements effect change 

1. Shield Chase change effect from ( Forward Guard) - to (Super Armor) , but better to (Invincible) because skill is limited in cast with 3 times reuse and its main Valkyrie iframe.

2.Death line Chase major stamina cost from 150 to 200

3.Heaven's Echo change using MP to stamina 100

4.Promptness change stamina using to MP and change Stiffness and Floating effect to (work only in PVE) but add back Super Armor effect even when skill is on cooldown.

5.Celestial Spear give back Super Armor effect .

6.Sacrum Ferit - Critical Hit rate major from 20 , to (20% on lvl-I ,40 % lvl-II, 60 % lvl-III and 80 % lvl-IV ) but reduce buff time from 9 second to 5 second and skill goes on Cooldown only after second hit animation finish

7.Sanctitas de Enslar more naturally transition and more smoothly (make them animation instantly) to skills Shield Chase , Celestial Spear , Punishment after Valkyrie hit the ground.


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