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Leave any questions you have about Black Desert Online in the Forum!

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Greetings, Black Desert Online players.

As Black Desert Online is developed by a Korean company, most of the updates except for a few events are updated in the KR server before they go live in the NA/EU server, and we thought you might have a lot of questions or concerns regarding the content that is available in the KR server but not in the NA/EU server.

You might want to know how good the new character is, how KR players like the new class, or what the new system can do and if it is viable. You also might want to know if there are some reworks on a currently existing system.

We are letting everyone know about the major KR issues via our posts, but you might want to know more about different in-game content or some small changes.

If you have any questions regarding the content that is available in KR first, use the Question section of our Black Desert Online Inven Global Forum! We will be happy to help you get the information that you might not be able to get due to the language barrier. Don’t hesitate to leave a question in the Forum!  

As you may know, BDO is not a simple game. You might have questions not related to KR updates, or questions regarding general gameplay. You can leave questions about the gameplay in the Forum as well. Not only our staff, but also the players who visit the page will be able to answer your questions.

Good luck with Enhancement!

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