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State of Tamer

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We have just finished a large number of patches and a recent tamer "rework" so I am just wondering how KR thinks tamer is doing in terms of class standing compared to other classes in PvP in 1v1s, Node Wars, and Sieges and what specifically are the reasons for tamer being in that position in PvP.

Also does korea have the same problems with cloud stomping and cloud ride being changed to super armor as NA/EU is having and do they think that this should be reverted?


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    KR players think that some parts of the changes were good, while other parts are bad. There are no significant changes in 1vs1, but the fact that the Tamer can now poke enemies from a distance using Heilang: Howling is a good change. The Tamer can now start a combo from a distance instead of trying to counter-attacking enemies. However, as the Tamer does not have any long Super Armor duration skills, it is hard to use Tamers in Node Wars.

    And KR players don't like the changes with Cloud Stomping and Cloud Ride either. After the skills changed to Super Armor skills, the Tamer might get hit by the skills that pull enemies and cannot escape safely. However, KR players think that the skills should be reworked again rather than reverting the changes. After the June 7th patch in KR, the Tamer takes less damage during Cloud Stomping and they think that there should be more changes like this.

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      wow not a single part of these changes are good if you're fighting end game players in real pvp and not some afk arena dicking around. There are no significant changes in 1v1s? LMFAO you don't have SA on legendary beast dance how the hell is that not a significant change? You can't keep up SA any more

      oh wait, i forgot casual garbage pvpers just do dash > grab and nothing else, i can see how there's no change to this playstyle and it won't get you anywhere against anyone half-decent with gear and brain on another class, and so far from everything seen koreans are pretty bad at having both gear and brain considering some clowns still think the game is playable. No iframe on cloud stomping and SA on LBD is **COMPLETELY** gamebreaking in 1v1 against good people, you simply won't win because of your class and at most you can win cause you have 280 ap and cause the game has dumbass gear scaling but you can do the same thing while playing anything else.

      you can " poke enemies from a distance" ARE YOU JOKING ME LMAO. I mean, i know you're just trying to relay feedback so it's not your fault but im f***ing STUPIFIED reading this bs , altho EU/NA forums are also infested with casual no-name losers that don't do pvp and spam left and right with their opinion. Who are you going to poke with howling? LOL, hitting a moving person with howling is the biggest meme, hitting a stationary person with howling who isn't in superarmor or blocking is like what? 1 out of 50 uses , on a 40 sec cd skill which can get body blocked by anything ,including pets. POKE ENEMIES FROM DISTANCE LOL

      the damage is pathetic , it's so bad and so laughable how did these idiots even put that without feeling any shame?

      as for cloud stomping, this skill won't ever work without iframe cus of how the game is coded, especially in EU/NA where you can see their flawed shitty coding and where desync is so big. You'll get pulled and deysnced and stuck in the air all the time and fall animation is client based and this skill won't ever work unless they revert it back to iframe, which based on the double digit IQ feedback these koreans give is probably never going to happen cause hardly anyone can do pvp in that region, it would seem.

      the changes completely destroyed the game for tamer and this trash class will probably never be playable cus pearl abyss are garbage and cus korean players don't give the right feedback

      I'm aware you're doing us a favor by relaying what most of them are saying so you're not guilty but i just can barely stand reading this crap and looking at the garbage patches these clowns from PA come up with.

      the only people who think tamer is fine are the people who don't know all classes and who can't compare

      `still the squishiest class with 0 defense or range(cus no, the pet range buffs are a joke and an insult and don't actually do anything) or even superarmors now

      `incredibly slow attack speed on cloud stomping, allround spinner,legendary beast dance and even garuda and echo pierce and now they arent even protected any more, lol at cloud stomping it's basically screaming for " grab me now" and the new damage reduction doesnt do jack shit

      `one of the few unprotected grabs in this game which also has unprotected followup (bolt jolt)

      ` still the slowest movement speed in the game

      ` still the worst awakening buff

      ` barely has any iframes as a melee class, 2 quick sidesteps on staff and that's it and you can't use them to dodge anything cause of how short they last and how fast they are. No iframe on pre awakening cus tree climb is garbage and no more pole jump and basically if a ninja/kuno does block jump on you, you're grabbed for free (while in the past you could outplay them by using cloud stomping) and you're also dead cus the new cc system is so garbage that even a half-human ape can kill someone cus of how strong grab engage is

      `57 rabam is a f***ing joke

      ` barely has any CC effects. No reliable knockdown, no downsmash (which is so op on this meta) , no usable air smash (upward claw second hit is garbage). Meanwhile sorc keeps their ranged cc and protected knockdown which they have on scythe, ranger has multiple ranged ccs, zerker has ranged cc. Every other class has way more cc and way more range and also ranged cc, its a bad meme at this point

      can you tell to those garbage korean players to either make videos backing up their ridiculous claims so that they can be disproven (cause all their videos will be either in arena and controlled environment either vs complete and utter trash players, which isn't class related) and to finally start using their brains and nag pearl abyss to fix the game to some playable state ?

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