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Help with class choise

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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a class who have a lot of mobility, burst dmg, who can pve pretty fast and if needed who can defend his/her spot from pvX.

I have no problem to play less popular class or hard one.

I'm not looking for the "op class of the moment"

If it can help, i like the ninja, tamer, mystic, sorc and musa but i dont have the time to master all this classes to choose one  ;P

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    level 7 Meii


    For your reference -- there is no apparent answer to pick one since everyone has different standards for what is balanced, but the Ninja, Tamer, Sorceress, and Mystic are seen as quite good among KR players.

    As for PvE, the Tamer has been showing great efficiency in grinding areas like Hysteria; the Sorceress is at a similar level. As for PvP, the Ninja and Kunoichi have been fairly well-received by players after the recent CC and defense effect patch; that patch increased the efficiency of their concealment skills. However, people say they aren’t as good in PvE.

    Other than that, the Mystic is considered great in both PvE and PvP. In the early balance patch, she was nerfed heavily, but since all of the classes in BDO got nerfed along with her, she is still seen as a top-tier character. Hope this helped find the class you like.

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      level 1 Alaster_San


      Ty Meii. Can you tell me how is the Ranger in general pls?

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      level 8 Meii


      Sorry for late response!

      Ranger is considered okay in both PvE and PvP. It has good grinding speed and sustainability since you don’t have to keep using EP potions like you had to before.

      As in PvP, Ranger’s stamina consumption has increased but it is still considered good for now since all other classes were nerfed as well.

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      level 1 Idriss


      Hi! What about Musa? I´m Between musa and maehwa and don´t know what to choose... Feels like musa is still bad... may I´m not a good musa but... I feel like musa is no at a good point imo

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      level 14 Meii


      There aren't too many feedbacks in KR right now since the controversy about the class balance has diminished. However, many players tend to say Musa falls behind Maewha in PvP because Maehwa is better in both burst damage and mobility due to her skill sets.

      Lately, Mystic, DK, Kunoichi, and Ninja are being considered good, and there aren't many gaps between the rest of the classes so I hope you aren't too dejected by this. Hope this helped...!

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      level 1 Idriss


      Thx! Will try both a bit more, I want a class that do well on node wars. Thx for the info ^^

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