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Cannon feedback after recent siege changes?

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The recent kr patch says that you cannot place a cannon inside a castle at conquest wars.

I presume this effects both offense and defense.

Does anyone know the range on how close to a castle they can place.?

With the recent kr changes to cannon damage to players and horses and its effectiveness in stunning players whats the feedback like ?

I had hoped in kr open news where they said they were making cannons a more strategic key part of pvp that they wouldn't do something like this.

As far as I imagine this this is like telling the people in their own base they don't get the benefits of shooting outside of it with their own siege tools.


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    level 5 Yullie

    Cannons can't be placed inside a castle but can be placed anywhere outside a castle. With the changed Conquest War rules, the defending side has more advantages than the attacking side has and that is why the game does not allow cannons to be placed inside a castle anymore. Unfortunately, there aren't many comments/feedback regarding the effectiveness of cannons in KR. There aren't any changes that allow cannons to work as a core strategy in Conquest Wars.

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