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Help choosing a class.

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I'm making this thread because i'll be rerolling in a couple of weeks, i've been having trouble deciding what to reroll to, i mainly want something that has great PvE but also that can defend the spot/ do smallscale/1v1s.
The classes i have in mind in terms of liking are: Mystic, Dark Knight, Sorceress, Warrior and Archer.
Just for more information, i'll have around 215-220 ap, 270+ dp with kutum(tri)/kzarka(tri) and tet dande.

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    level 1 dmiiceuk

    I always play wizard. Lots of cool skills. It seems to me that being a wizard is easier in the game.

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    level 1 Mayou

    Mystic seems to be the most versatile, can do almost anything with good rate

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