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State of Maehwa

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I was reading a lot in NA/EU forums, and it left me pretty uncomfortable regarding to Maehwa. 

From what I read, people are saying that Musa are superior to Maehwa in PvP and PvE.

Do Koreans think that, too? How do they think about Maehwa according to the latest patch notes?


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    level 2 Sonjiro


    I dont know what ppl in KR are smoking but mae used to be a prett balanced class compared to thers.Still for some reason they keep nerfing and nerfing her.Musa is fine kinda.Still a bit under but you can play around it.Mae is dead though.

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      level 1 Tteokbokki


      That sounds so sad! I was about to Main Maehwa .. :/

      and there wont be any improvements in the future?

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    level 2 Meii


    Right now in BDO KR, Musa isn’t necessarily perceived as better than Maehwa in comparison. Many of Maehwa’s skills, including Petal Drill and Moonrise, have been nerfed in the balance patches, and Musa got Bound effect removed from Below the Belt and Stun from Counter Assassination, etc. changes have been made, which Musa players don't feel great about.

    For example, you were able to inflict rapid attacks based on Maehwa’s good mobility and deal powerful damage in one hit before the updates were made, which has been thought better than Musa among KR players. However, it has become rather harder to play like that now, although we will have to wait for more comparisons and studies to be made on Musa and Maehwa since we just got the new balance patches and players are trying them out.

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      level 1 Tteokbokki


      Hello Meii,

      Thank you for the comprehensive answer. Appreciate it a lot!

      That sounds interesting and also pretty bad for Maehwas as a burst class.

      I hope for new updates about the state, when the people figure out new tactics and playstyles for Maehwa.


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