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How to change language from Turkish to English

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I have just downloaded the game from steam. I am located in South Africa, and I would like to know how to change the launcher and game language to English. I can not read Turkish...

I have changed the language to English in the steam properties, I have also tried doing the: " --regionSelect=true"

too no avail.

please can someone assist me :D

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    level 1 Lawrence1989


    Got it to work in english.. All Im saying..

    * Launch the Game
    * Select the Third Menu Option in the Main Menu
    * You will be presented with a Settings Menu
    * Select the 4th Item in the Left Side with the white dropdown arrow
    * Select the only sub item and set everything to "ingilizce" where possible

    A dialogue will appear in turkish but this is Just to say the changes will take effect when you restart the game.

    Restart the game and everything should be in English

    hi also from s.a found this on steam hope it works

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      level 1 Lawrence1989


      ps just created the account to reply you lol Mexico

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      level 1 Johan_Davids


      XD Thanks you saved us.

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