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Class choice.

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I'm rerolling, and so i'm inbetween some classes,  sorc or witch and maybe dk, and i wanted something that would be pretty good at grinding but also decent at small scale/1v1 pvp, what would be your opinions on that matter?


Could someone actually give their opinion on the matter?

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    level 1 Hime

    DK decent overall but boring if playing in a long time, doesn't have enough potential very very later compared to other classes, but still, it's good for PVP too. (I main DK for quite a time now)

    Sorc is one of the hardest classes to master in PVP, I heard PVE it's great.

    Witch is great in PVE, very good and important in large scale PVP, the worst class in 1v1 PVP.

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    level 1 LumiNotOP

    Witch 1v1 is the worst.

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