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Wizzard/Wich PVE dmg nerfed in KR as well ?

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After the latest patch in EU/NA we (wizz/wich)  experience 30-40% dmg nerf in both pvp and PVE

this was not documented in the patch notes, so I wander if this was applied to KR as well ? 


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    level 1 Yullie


    A lot of Witch/Wizard players in KR are experiencing the same issue, but they are still debating on whether it is a bug or an intended change (Accuracy nerf, etc.). We have to wait and see to find out what actually happened. I'm sorry I could not help :(

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      level 1 Milen_Genchev


      Have PA commented on the bug, are we expecting this to be permanent ? I dont play BDO anymore, just waiting to see if permanent or not..

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    level 1 LumiNotOP


    Hopefully not intentional...

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      level 1 coolflare


      Might not be popular opinion but Node Wars and RBF has become much more enjoyable with reduced damage for Wizard and Witches.

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      level 1 Milen_Genchev


      Yes but nerf of PVE dmg as well is insane, also if dmg is reduced 30-40%, I would expect survive to be increased with same amount..

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    level 1 Milen_Genchev

    Does the player in Korea have any update by PA on the massive dmg nerf, I`m getting really frustrated by their attitude towards this issue..

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