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Do Kr players feel concerned with difficulty changes to pve

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I main a tamer but I also have a kuno and valk alt whilst the valk still has some self sustain, and the kuno has kept it 3 second super armor and 2 other skills my tamer has been reduced to one offensive forward guard in pve grinding. Spots like gyfin,hysteria felt painful before but now they feel even worse I tend to have the most dp of groups I'm in around 316 yet I take the most damage. I felt tamer was already unpopular at spots like this and now since patch its unbelievable bad. I've tried a little on other classes and it still feels very rough cause many of these higher end mobs are non ccable it seems to defeat the purpose of making cc skills not really produce guard effects in pve. Since you cannot stop gyfin mobs attacking all the time its not about super armor,guarding into an attack.  In the past pre mediah,post mediah,pirates,valencia until they added the portal spots the vast majority of mobs were ccable but high end spots now days are not and don't fit in with the current changes to attack blocking effects. Also unfortunately on eu/na we don't have larger health potions also. The disparence between playing classes effectively in pve has taken a big hit on this pvp orientated patch and whilst I do pvp also in a siege territory owning guild I'm concerned of the long term ramifications to pve also.

My question is more have among the playerbase this been also communicated.


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    KR players are concerned about PvE being more difficult as well. PvE is especially harder in high level grind spots like Hystria and Gyfin because the monsters can inflict CC on characters. PvE is relatively easier for the classes that have to switch to non-awakening a lot, since only awakening skills lost SA/FG with last week's update. However, the defense effects for non-awakening skills will change this week so if the same changes are applied for non-awakening skills PvE might become more difficult for every classes in general.

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      Thanks for the response hadn't yet realized that they were going to modify the non awakening skill sa/fg also scary thought. Hopefully we'l hear how they'l address pve in some way because it seems like it'l be hard to go back to a stable position like it was before unless they make some big changes. Skill animation speeds probably also need to be relooked with the changes but we have yet to see if they'l touch them.

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