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State of Lahn after recent patches?

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What is the state of Lahn after the recent updates? What classes are currently good in pvp?


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    level 1 Yullie

    There aren’t that many players who play the Lahn, so there aren’t that many opinions, but in general the Lahn is not a decent class. The Lahn was weak in PvP even before last week’s update. PvE was okay after a few buffs, but now that she lost her Super Armor and Forward Guard, PvE has become much harder for her.

    Some skills that have long animations have lost Super Armor/Forward Guard, and PvE has become very risky and unstable. The Lahn has to use awakening i-frame mobility skills repeatedly to survive, but will be in danger when her stamina runs out.

    In PvP, the combo changed slightly, but the state of the Lahn is still the same. Some awakening skills are not used anymore because they no longer have SA/FG.

    Most classes are suffering from the removal of SA/FG, but the classes that are currently good in PvP are the Ranger, Dark Knight, Wizard, and Witch.

    Melee classes are especially suffering, and the classes that can initiate combos with ranged skills are relatively more powerful right now. The Ranger is especially strong with Blasting Gust and Extreme: Charging Wind because they make it hard for melee classes to approach her.

    The Musa and Maehwa are relatively stronger than other melee classes because of their pre-awakening skill Chase, but the removal of SA/GF did hurt them as well.

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    level 1 AlreadyEnd_Bro


    its funny how many ppl switch to valk,warrior,mystic etc and know everything they have done was realy bad last week meele strong know magic,range let us see what gona happen next week ^^

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      level 1 Hime


      Right now it's not good to reroll or anything. Just stay still, PVE with your favourite class, life skill and such. Although I believe playing your favourite is much better than playing a good class that you actually depend on the changes.

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