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State of Mystics in Korea?

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How badly did the latest patch affect them?

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    level 1 Yullie


    The Mystic is one of the classes that had some significant nerfs in PvP after the latest patch. However, there are some differing opinions on how much the changes affected her. Some players say that it’s not only the Mystic that was nerfed after the latest patch and the Mystic used to OP so she is still viable, while other players say that the Mystic lost Super Armor and Forward Guard for her primary skill and now does not have any initiating skills so the latest patch was a huge nerf for her.

    The Mystic used to be able to inflict CC or break through an enemy’s guard while having Super Armor. The Mystic also had a high level of survivability with powerful Super Armor skills like Spiral Torpedo and some HP recovery skills. The skill mechanics allowed her to deal damage while not dying.

    After last week’s update, most of her primary skills lost their defense effects. She used to be able to safely deal damage, but now initiating a combo has become much more dangerous.

    The Mystic cannot dominate the battlefield like she used to anymore. Double Flash, which used to be a good approaching skill, does not have Super Armor anymore, and the Mystic does not have any good poking skills. But Wolf’s Frenzy is still powerful, and Infinite Fortitude and Rising Dragon still have Super Armor so Mystics will have to use these skills efficiently.

    The nerfs in PvE were even bigger. Tidal Burst and Rapid Stream losing Super Armor would be the biggest neft for the Mystic in PvE. Both skills hit multiple times and they have long skill animations, so the lack of Super Armor/Forward Guard makes the Mystic vulnerable to CC in PvE. So if you do not pay attention, your character might get killed.

    Fortunately, the nerfs are only significant in high level grind spots like Sherekhan’s Grave (in Drieghan). Grinding speed is about the same in lower level spots, and you just need some extra management in Hystria to grind the same as before.

    PvE now requires more management, and the Mystic does not have the Super Armor that used to protect her during the long skill animation. PvE became harder in general, so some Mystic mains are arguing that they need either shorter skill animations or Forward Guard.

    The general opinion is that the latest patch was definitely a nerf for the Mystic. Players are still debating on how big the nerf is for her, but surely the Mystic is now more difficult to play.

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      level 1 Atom_Ant


      Thank you for the informative reply. As long as she is still viable I'll still main her

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      level 1 Chihiro_Kosaka


      How about striker? striker or mystic is stronger now?

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