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How are mystics now at KR after may 9 2018 patch?

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Playing at BDO sea still waiting for her release. I like the look of the class and that she is pretty much is like a water bender from avatar and was planning to main her. However with the new patches they are releasing I was wondering is it still worth to play as mystic? I just don't want to waste all my resources right now to mystic if she is nerfed to the ground now.

I don't need her to be OP I just want to know is she still at least competitive in pvp?

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    level 1 Atom_Ant


    bump please I need your guidance >_<

    I can't find any mystic video or info post patch 5.9.18

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      level 1 Atom_Ant


      no one? :(

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    level 1 LumiNotOP

    would also like to know

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    level 1 Yullie

    Hello, you can see how the latest patch affected Mystic in my comment on this thread:

    Thank you!

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