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State of tamer in Korea

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So I have heard that koreans feel that tamer is pretty good in PvP, but I just want to know more specifics on this. 

What tier does tamer fall in specific scales of PvP? (1v1/small scale/node war/ siege)

Does tamer perform this well at average gear levels for each of these scales of PvP or does it require a gearcarry in order to achieve these levels?(260-270ap)

Do tamers in KR experience the same problems with the super armor -> forward guard transition on moonlight strike and the length of super armor on legendary beast's power as NA/EU does?

What changes does KR think that tamer could use?

Finally, what is your/your sources' experience on the class(time played in each scale of PvP/range of time played in each for multiple people, GS/GS range for multiple people)


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    level 1 Meii


    Sorry for the late answer! The overall player opinions on the Tamer isn’t so bad, yet, it isn’t as good as it used to be before the balance patch. It’s considered 1 tier below Mystic, Valkyrie, and Warrior in 1vs1 combat, and it is great if you could make best out of its attacking abilities in small-scale combats but if not, it won’t be as good since they say it is a class with a fairly big deviation. They say there’s no room for Tamer to well-perform in RVR content like the Node War or Siege War since she lacks skills for poking or mobility.

    Because Tamer was a class with fairly high AP efficiency in the first place, you were able to inflict much damage to your targets even with average gear level; killing your opponent and getting killed yourself due to rather low defense happened frequently but you could still kill off your target with burst damage. However, it became difficult for all classes to instantly kill their targets after the balance patch, and it was worse off for Tamer in comparison since Tamer was mostly about burst damage in combats.

    In case of Moonlight Strike, it is often used as a starting skill for skill combos, and there has been no separate mention of the Super Armor - Forward Guard transition yet within KR community, although there have been many player complaints that the length of the Super Armor or Forward Guard is too short.

    Many players have been trying to come up with good skill combos after the CC patch; the most used ones are:

    Moonlight Strike - Vermillion Bird Attack - Allround Spinner then cancel Legendary Beast’s Power - Grab - Bolt Wave - Jolt Wave - Resonance - Echo Pierce - Moonlight Strike - Flow: Full Moon

    Moonlight Strike - Vermillion Bird Attack - Allround Spinner - Bolt Wave - Jolt Wave - Resonance - Echo Pierce - Moonlight Strike - Flow: Full Moon

    Grab - Bolt Wave - Jolt Wave - Allround Spinner - Bolt Wave - Jolt Wave - Resonance - Echo Pierce - Moonlight Strike - Flow: Full Moon

    Players say the first skill combo has good stability, although Legendary Beast’s Power is recommended for using when canceling it with Leaves Dropping since there won’t be enough skills to use during combats in close distance. Other than that, there are also players who like to use the Moonlight Strike - Full Moon - White Tiger Attack - Allround Spinner - Garuda - Bolt Wave - Jolt Wave skill combo.

    Lastly, we do enjoy small scale PvP like the Arena but we try to collect as much as information from several sources to build credibility since our gears or mechanics aren’t that great. We’d collect information from our acquaintances in major guilds with around 270 AP and 290 DP, and we also closely monitor player reactions within BDO broadcasts and communities. Notably, there are players who have been studying certain classes from the very beginning of BDO's service. Most of these players have completed their gear set of at least 253 AP/283 DP, and those who have fought in the wars for a long time have even higher spec so what they tell us will be a good reference.

    Hope this helped...! :D

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      level 1 jake7652


      Thanks for the detailed response. There is pretty much no line of communication from NA/EU players to KR players so it is nice to actually have some detailed info on this.

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      level 1 Meii

      @jake7652 You're welcome! 
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      level 1 Hime


      Thank you for detailed response as well Meii!

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