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Enhancing to PEN with cron stones after the caphras update

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Both the patch notes and the recent article on this site say when enhancing with cron stones, "If you fail the regular enhancement using Cron Stones, 5% of the Cron Stones used will be transferred as Caphras exp."

Can anyone quantify this? From the article I understand how caphras works much better with 20 levels that ramps up as you continue to level it up, but how much does this 5% of the cron stones used translate to? Is it a 1 to 1 ration with caphras stones? So for example, you use 1300 cron stones (rounding for easier math) to attempt PEN dandelion, it fails, and you would get 5% of 1300, or 65 caphras stones worth of experience.


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