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How are glass cannon classes fairing in KR after the recent changes?Tier list?

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Well basically i wanna know how are classes that require damage to be good are fairing in KR.I also wanna know what is the new tierlist if possible.As far as i know the changes are a huge buff to DR so it seems classes that deal damage will be worse.As always its an indirect nerf to DK......But thats to my knowledge so i made this to find out is i am right.How are classes fairing with the new changes+tierlist. Pretty pleasee?

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    level 1 haxPOW


    Hey buddy ! I'm in the same boat as you since I'm playing Musa... I upvote your question, I want to know how does the new patch affect our damage-based-dependant class
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      level 1 Sonjiro


      Again as far as i know due to the fact that dp gives %DR + the flat you get will make ppl stupidly more tanky.That means stronger block and harder 1-combos.Aka nerf to all damage-dealing classes and buff to the already strong tanky classes.All in all buff to the strong and nerf to the weak.Thats why i wanna know the tierlist in kr right now.To see if i am correct or not.

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    level 1 Sketchh34

    any opinins on tiers with the kr patch? looking into dk..but afraid it might not be worth it in the long run..

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    level 1 Alesander_Ruiz

    I'd like to know as well, since I play tamer

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