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Warrior Skill Rotations

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Warrior mains,

I just hit awakened with my warrior and I was wondering what skills I should focus on and what are the main skill rotations I should be trying to burn into my brain?

Any help here would be awesome.



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    level 1 Yullie


    Warriors usually use most of his skills when grinding. The most powerful skills are Grave Digging and Flow: Slashing the Dead, but they have long cooldowns and cannot be used when they are on cooldown. So his skill rotation usually includes Grave Digging and Flow: Slashing the Dead as primary skills. Solar Flare and Flow: Overwhelm is used when the Warrior has to move some distance. When these skills are on cooldown, Ankle Break and Pulverize are also good skills to use. Frenzied Spear is a Rabam skill that can deal some decent amount of damage.

    So when distributing skill points, you should prioritize Grave Digging over other skills as it's the main skill in the skill rotation. Solar Flare, Pulverize, and Merciless are also important.

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