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M.K.S / +- ?

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Hello broz.  How a u ? =) 

 Now im selling all equipment with my sorc. And now i think what choice should i make. 

Musa  f*ckin brutaliti with glave (prise the sun bro :D )  or kuno with cap toilet (lol)  or  clown monkey with a red ass  striker? 

Im always played in sorc. And idk what.... What are these classes?  

solo pve/p it's priority.  Pvp ? ofc lol kill all in my spots :D    gvg  ? not think / but maybe ? 

Thanks ur all for answers,  luck more. 


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    level 1 Yullie


    All three classes are really fun to play! But Striker is probably the best in PvE among the three. Musa and Kuno are about the same

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      level 1 Namelus


      What about PvP?

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      level 1 Yullie


      About the same as PvE

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