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PvE tier list

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I know this has been asked before but i want a different opinion than the ingame trolls.

Can you rank each class from fastest to slowest in PvE ? Im interesred in playinf Maewha but not if her PvE is slow as i don't want to gear multiple class with my limited funding right now.

Also i heard Maewha is very good in 1v1 and small scale and can play a flanking role in pvp, thoughts?



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    level 1 so_on

    Maewha is perfectly fine in PvE. Where it lacks in clear, it makes up in speed to reach mob packs. The PvE clear is not slow by any means, as theres lots of decent AoE damage now. Every class is viable in PvE, some are better but in the end its what you enjoy the most in playing.

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