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Yet another question on class tiers

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Sorry if this has been asked many many times, but I would like to find out what the current PvP and PvE tier list is in Korea right now. I'm wondering if I should reroll from my Maehwa to a Witch or Valkyrie or something if she's not good in PvP and PvE

Edit: Also how good are these classes in large scale pvp ?



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    level 1 Yullie


    Hi :D

    The current PvP and PvE tier in Korea is not very different from the PvP/PvE tier in other regions. Class balance in both KR and NA/EU is almost the same, except that KR has one more class (Lahn). Maehwa is a decent class. Maehwa is neither good nor bad in both PvP an PvE, and is considered relatively better than Musa.

    Witch is one of the fastest class in PvE, but is the weakest in 1vs1 PvP. But in large scale PvP Witch is in the top tier, with all the healing and Protected Area. Valkyrie is good in PvP because she can deal burst damage and has healing skills that increase her survivability. But a lot of people don't play Valkyrie because she is a bot slow in PvE.

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      level 1 Funak

      @Yullie Ans what about sorc? Any plans to buff? I just wondering about reroll to sorc. I really like that playstyle but she has almost zero protection (SA, FG), only iframe, but tbh iframe cant kill you :D
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      level 1 Thadoneir



      I'm looking to playing either Maehwa or Witch, but I feel that Maehwa is faster than Witch because of Chase and because Maehwa's skill animations look very fast compared to Witch. How is Witch faster in PvE when her mobility isn't as high as Maehwa?

      I'm looking to play a class that's fun to use and good in both PvE and large scale PvP - someone that has a big role in large scale PvP

      Also, how are Rangers in this regard? And Musas?

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      level 1 Yullie



      Although Maehwa has faster animation and mobility compared to Witch, the overall grinding speed is faster for Witch in general. The Witch can move here and there in grind spots using Teleport, and can also aggravate more number of monsters using Magic Lighthouse and Toxic Flood, so the Witch can kill more number of monsters within the same period of time, compared to other classes. In addition to that, Witch's skills have large AoE and can deal massive damage. In contrast, Maehwa's skills have usually have narrow, linear AoE.

      In general, Mystic is the class that is good in all PvE, PvP, and RvR. Rangers are good in PvE but not good in PvP/RvR. Musa is good in small scale PvP, but not as good as Mystic =(

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