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Regarding the server issues with NA

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First off, i appreciate everything Inven has been doing for the community, especially letting NA and EU know whats right around the corner for them patch wise. With that being said, im hoping you guys can maybe shed some light on a few things for NA and EU as well as the KR. 

I'm sure if you guys keep up with the western versions of bdo, you guys know that our siege scene is plagued by instability, massive disconnects, pots not working, desync, frame drop to single digits, players not loading in, etc. Im wondering if the KR version has these issues, or is it just a western thing with the servers we were provided. Does pearl abyss even know that large scale pvp is virtually unplayable? Do other korean players know how bad we have it?  I feel as though maybe an article from you guys shedding light on the issue may have a bit of sway and answer a lot of questions. Thank you 


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    Thank you for the warm compliment :) Regarding the server issues, there are no massive disconnects in the KR server, but there are issues with frame drop, server instability, and character loading lag. These problems are more or less tolerable in KR though, and don't really make RvR impossible in KR.

    Unfortunately we do not know how Kakao manages the servers for NA/EU, but we willdo our best to think of an effective way to help you guys with this on-going server issue. Thank you!

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