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Witch in PvP

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I play on NA so we are behind in patches but I saw something on the US/NA website about changing wizard/witch protected area to allow for more movement abilities. I was wondering if this change has already occured in KR and the current state of witch in 1v1 scenarios. If a witch is good enough can she beat a mystic in 1v1 in the current KR patch.

I ask because I love witch, but I can't play a class that can hold their own in 1v1 scenarios.


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    level 1 Yullie

    Hi, sorry for the delayed response :(

    There are no changes with Protected Area in KR as of now. Witch is one of the weakest class in 1vs1 because of the casting time and the lack of grab. Witch is especially weak against Mystic (Wizard too) and it's really hard for a Witch to defeat a Mystic, even in KR =(

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