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Current class balance in KR

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I'm a returning player that has been gone for about a year. I saw that there were huge changes to CC and SA and am unsure of current balance beyond everyone saying iframe classes are very strong. How are all of the classes performing currently? and is PA still making changes in regards to the CC and SA changes or have things stabilized for the moment? I am also curious if Tamer still performs above average in 1v1s as it was my old main? My main focus is small scale pvp (1v1s and arena).

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    level 22 Yullie

    Hello, sorry for the delayed response. In KR there is no absolute PvP tier list right now. Kuno, Ninja, Sorceress, Berserker, and Dark Knight are considered as the upper tier classes and the other classes are in the lower tier. There w aren't any big changes to CC and SA since the huge changes that were made earlier this year other than adding more Black Spirit's Rage skills and adding SA to Rage skills.

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    level 1 WhoFedSparta


    How is the current top pve? :) Now that you mentioned pvp, we know the opinions. But you left out tamer? Why?

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      level 1 Zumawae


      After asking the Tamer discord. Tamer in NA isn't in a good spot at the moment and from what I understand KR feels the same way. Tamer's are still good in 1v1 and small scale but not top tier like before CC and SA changes. Tamer before changes relied on CC and FG/SA to be able to take someone out in one long combo. Now Tamers are stuck poking with one combo potential if you have better gear than your opponent. I will say the damage is still there from before but I feel like Tamer would be in a great spot if out iframes were better (lasted the entire ability).

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