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Black Desert Online inquiry about KR servers

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Just wanted to ask if those people who have been spouting about skill cooldown hacks or speed hacks exist in KR servers too? 
Are they not being banned? How to know if someone is using it or you are just out geared? 

Is it normal for 313, 325, 330 DP with full buffs and resistances up around 50%+ be killed by a ninja in just 1 to 3 maximum attacks? 
With 580 GS you still get almost one shotted or at time one shot kill in KR? 
I am just really curious since I wanted to report the issue then if it is indeed a hack. :( 

Thanks! BTW, it's not in an open world pk but RBF. Forgot to get some videos or screenshot since I was getting mad at the guy then the disconnect happen >.< 

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    Dead forum or people don't care/bother answering such questions? -_-

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