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Black Desert Sorcerer situation

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Hello!  Play on the official Russian server. And  I do not see a sorcerer, huh...?  Now it's a rare character on ruoff. 
What is the situation on kr and  eu? Why the all drop that class ?
if this is due to the obsolescence of the class, is there any information about the alteration of it as a whole?
Or she is die and will not rise again? :D 


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    Hello :D

    Unfortunately, there aren't many Sorceresses in KR as well :( One of the reasons people don't play Sorceress much is that it is hard to play Sorceress, especially in PvP. PvE is not that hard, but in PvP you have to know how to manage stamina and shards of darkness, and have to switch back and forth from non-awakening to awakening a lot. Also, the Sorceress has been out for a long time now and not considered as one of the top tier classes anymore.

    No plans to buff the Sorceress have been revealed at the moment :(

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