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What is the current pvp tier list?

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With the recent mystic nerfs, how does the current tier list look for pvp?
where does mystic and lahn sit, and what are the current top contenders?
Also, how is Valkyrie?


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    level 1 Yullie


    Hi :)

    The Mystic is still the top tier class in PvP in KR. But after Spiral Torpedo was nerfed last week, a lot of Mystic mains are saying that the nerf will be critical to Mystic' survivability and is a big nerf for her since Spiral Torpedo is one of her primary skills and Mystic's survivability was her biggest strength. However, other classes are saying nothing changed much because Mystic now has HP recovery for other skill instead of Spiral Torpedo.

    In KR, the Mystic, the Tamer, and the Dark Knight are considered as the top tier PvP classes. The Lahn and the Musa are considered as the low tier classes in PvP. Lastly, the Valkyrie is viable in PvP, as she has massive healing skills and can deal massive damage if her gear is focused on AP.

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      level 1 Alaster_San


      And how is ranger?

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      level 1 Dreyfuss


      DK is a Top tier pvp class? 1v1 ? and how about the warrior?

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      level 1 Sonjiro


      Warr is super good 1v1 class, currently a warr named GeekGoneMad is reking ppl in a crowdfunded tourney called BlackSpiritLeauge .In KR ppl say dk is top tier cause most ppl there have huge ap and dk scales hard with 250 ap+.Ppl there are walking around with 260 ap so dk is strong there.They have p2w mechanics that eu/na dont have so its easier to make tri/tet gold accessories that are vital for dk to be good.

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      level 1 Benjamin_Peh


      and where does wizard/witch fit on that tier

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