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T9 Horses and Premium Horse Appearance Change coupon.

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I can't find much information on this available so I thought I would ask here since Invenglobal seems to be a very positive and credible source of information regarding the KR version of Black Desert Online.

Does anyone know are there any plans to make it possible to use the Premium Horse Appearance Change coupons available to use on T9 horses?  In the NA version of the game those coupons also allow for the possibility of a skill to be gained.  Right now you can't use those leaving no option to gain extra skills like a T8 horse and below.  I don't even know if its possible in the KR version or not but I've been told it isn't like the NA version.

In any case thanks very much for any information!


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    level 1 Yullie


    Hi. Unfortunately, Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupons work the same in both KR and NA/EU servers. The coupons are only applicable on T1 to T8 horses in KR as well. Pearl Abyss did not mention anything about the coupon being able to be used on T9 horses :(

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      level 1 roxiambrosia


      I just bought a Premium Appearance Change for my first T8 male, but did not get the color pattern I hoped for. When using the appearance selector, there is no option for T8 skins. Do you know why? Is this a bug? I feel like I just got scammed if it's not a bug. I only bought it to change the skin of my T8 to another T8 skin.

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