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[KR] Main Updates from BDO KR Patch Notes - February 1st

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◆ Characters

- Mystic balance patch

The damage the Mystic inflicts on other classes during PvP has been reduced to a minimum of 4.47% and maximum of 7.46%.
The damage for Absolute: Twisted Collision has been reduced by 37.56% in PvP.

- Lahn Skills Improved

The movement distance and AoE have been increased for some of the Lahn’s skills.
The damage has been increased for some of her skills as well.

◆ Items

- ‘Porgnil’s Silver Bar’ added

It is a new reward added to some of the original quests and about 5~10 can be gained per quest.
Can be sold for 20,000 silver each at the Storage.

Completing the quest with the Adventurer’s Ancient Book equipped will increase the amount of silver gained by 20%.

※ Characters over level 53 can get the Adventurer’s Ancient Book as a quest reward by doing the Black Spirit quest: Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer’s Ancient Book).

- The cooldown for some of the Elixirs has been changed to 10 seconds.

- [Event] Yona’s Shards can now be obtained at any time.

You can now use Yona’s Shards with other materials to craft orange accessories at the 5-Tier Workshop.

The number of Yona’s Shards needed to craft:

Ring of Crescent Guardian, Ring of Cadry Guardian, Serap’s Necklace = 15 shards
Sicil’s Necklace = 17 shards
Basilisks Belt, Centaurus Belt = 20 shards

◆ Monsters

Movement Speed/Attack Speed/Cast Speed Reduction Effect for Vodkhan and Elten’s attacks from the Hystria Ruins have been removed.

The monsters in the Hystria Ruins have their health increased by around 15% and defense increased by around 3%.

◆ Marketplace

- The bonus silver the seller gets when an item has been sold under pre-order at the Marketplace has been changed.
When an item is sold under pre-order, 20% of the difference between the sold price and the listed price.
However, the difference cannot go over double the listed price.

- Items at blue grade and above that are enhanced to PEN have been changed to be sold under pre-order first at the Marketplace.

Detailed translation of BDO KR patch note will be posted soon! 

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    level 1 hispanobwolf


    Adventurer's Ancient Book spends durability over time or each time it is used?

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      level 1 Meii


      It seems that the durability of the Adventurer’s Ancient Book does not wear out for now. There haven’t been any words among players that doing quests while having the Adventurer’s Ancient Book equipped uses up its durability, yet.

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